Multi-Shot Cakes



 Notice is served: Our test run of Robowarrior left us satisfied & excited. 4 stages take over the sky and your senses: 1) 9 floral bursts, some overlapping erupt again into clouds of static electric crackling, 2) 3 overlapping and 5 individual palm tree floral bursts, 3) 3 overlapping and 5 single red and white palm tree busts with flashing stars and crackling  4) 2 stages of overlapping floral bursts that finish with crackling. The ultimate finale!

Price: $62.00

Act of Valour


7 arcs of floral bursts fill the sky in a dramatic sequence of displays. In each set, 5 beautiful floral bursts erupt simultaneously overlapping to create a huge rainbow shape that dominates the sky and then dissolves into a snow storm of white crackling stars. The curtain of snow creates a backdrop through which the next set of bursts is launched. Loud bangs and intense pace. 100 ft.

Price: $53.50



A piece with impressive duration and variety. 37 shots form several stages: 1) 6 large stars: 2 red, 2 green, 2 blue    2) 2 gold crackling comets followed by 7 spiraling whistling white comets  3) 6 beautiful expanding floral bursts of bright blue stars and flashing gold and white stars  4) 6 expanding floral bursts of green stars with green tails and flashing gold and white stars  5) 10 gold and white floral busts overlapping in groups of 3 or 4, with individual stars  bursting again into clouds of crackling gold that fill the sky.  50 secs.

Price: $46.50



36 floral bursts, igniting one-by-one with a dramatic pace and unbeatable colours: deep royal blue, lipstick red, lime green, indigo blue, and cerise pink.  Huge stars spread amidst blossoming clouds of crackling stars that bloom, fade and reform, framing the stars in a constantly changing sky-scape.  Our new favourite finale.  36 seconds.

Price: $46.50


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