$30 and Over

Do or Die


 Sixty large comets fan back and forth across the sky in 10 volleys of 6 comets. Beautiful long gold & white tails are led by comet heads varying from purple, green, and red to lemon. Each fan of comets leaves trails of smoke that hang in the sky and are lit up by the next volley of comets. An interesting and  beautiful effect.

Price: $49.00

Hell Breaks Loose


A unique, artistic piece that rolls out with an intense pace and 7 stages of surprises:
1) 5 white spiraling whistling comets lead to 5 huge overlapping green and gold fans that   unfurl like splashes of paint being hurled against the sky.
2) #1 repeats in red and gold.
3) 5 gold flying fish dart off with a serious zipping whistling sounds.  4-6) Stage 1-3 repeat again.
7) 5 crackling blue and gold floral bursts interlace for a lovely finale that fills the sky.



Price: $46.50



36 floral bursts, igniting one-by-one with a dramatic pace and unbeatable colours: deep royal blue, lipstick red, lime green, indigo blue, and cerise pink.  Huge stars spread amidst blossoming clouds of crackling stars that bloom, fade and reform, framing the stars in a constantly changing sky-scape.  Our new favourite finale.  36 seconds.

Price: $46.50

Brocade Crown


This version is produced by the company that originally designed it. It is not a knock-off, and the difference shows. 25 floral crowns of white and gold comets erupt with ground-shaking booms. The floral bursts are huge in the sky, and are led off by 5 red, 5 green, 5 blue and 5 lemon comets, finishing with a crackling snow-flake medallion of 5 white floral bursts with red tails.  A great finale piece.

Price: $40.00

Wild Thing


  Redesigned beautifully by the original makers. 25 floral bursts in 5 stages: 1) 2 red floral bursts overlap 3 crackling red blooms and dissolve into a sea of crackling gold and white strobes. 2-4) Stage 1 repeats in green, mauve, and yellow. 5) 5 explosive over-lapping purple floral bursts preceed an orb-like cloud of a thousand gold pulsating lights. Ground-shaking bangs. 100'.

Price: $36.00
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