Under $30



Wolverine fireworks have 25 multicoloured shots with red tracers, from Holy Smoke Fireworks Guelph.25 red, blue or green shots in succession, each marked by a red tracer that wiggles upwards, exploding like luminous sky confetti, hurled outwards from a driving centre.

Born from the decline of each floral burst is a school of white cracklings strobing lights.

Keeps you guessing with its unpredictable pace.

Price: $36.00



12 Floral Bursts:                                                                                                                               Stage 1) 9 crackling gold comets lead to a succession of floral bursts that unfurl at a driving pace with 2 bangs per shot. The bursts of tailed stars alternate hot-pink, gold and aqua.                                                                                                                                           Stage 2) For the final 3 floral bursts, flashing white comet heads lead off the formation of a web of travelling gold comet tails. A calmly beautiful effect that is a welcome contrast to Stage 1.

Price: $25.00


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