New for 2018



 Notice is served: Our test run of Robowarrior left us satisfied & excited. 4 stages take over the sky and your senses: 1) 9 floral bursts, some overlapping erupt again into clouds of static electric crackling, 2) 3 overlapping and 5 individual palm tree floral bursts, 3) 3 overlapping and 5 single red and white palm tree busts with flashing stars and crackling  4) 2 stages of overlapping floral bursts that finish with crackling. The ultimate finale!

Price: $62.00



Salute to an Egyptian pharoah. Exploding clouds of gold with rich accent colours roll out in a sky parade of 25 evolving events that keep you guessing with changing rhythm, sky positions and colours. Finishes with a web of golden silver comets that covers the sky. We were entranced from start to finish.  30 secs.

Price: $35.00
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