$30 and Over

Hell Breaks Loose


NO STOCK A unique, artistic piece that rolls out with an intense pace and 7 stages of surprises:
1) 5 white spiraling whistling comets lead to 5 huge overlapping green and gold fans that   unfurl like splashes of paint being hurled against the sky.
2) #1 repeats in red and gold.
3) 5 gold flying fish dart off with a serious zipping whistling sounds.  4-6) Stage 1-3 repeat again.
7) 5 crackling blue and gold floral bursts interlace for a lovely finale that fills the sky.



Price: $49.50



NO STOCK 36 floral bursts, igniting one-by-one with a dramatic pace and unbeatable colours: deep royal blue, lipstick red, lime green, indigo blue, and cerise pink.  Huge stars spread amidst blossoming clouds of crackling stars that bloom, fade and reform, framing the stars in a constantly changing sky-scape.  Our new favourite finale.  36 seconds.

Price: $49.00

Gold Palm


 NO STOCK  A succession of 25 huge floral bursts of lage stars. Stages 1 to 4) 5 red, 5 green and 5 mauve floral bursts, each centering around a gold palm-tree formation erupt with ground-shaking booming bangs. Stage 5) 5 gold and white floral bursts bloom in a contrasting sea of purple crackling stars. Guaranteed to get your neighbours attention.  60 ft. wide.

Price: $40.00

Brocade Crown


NO STOCK This version is produced by the company that originally designed it. It is not a knock-off, and the difference shows. 25 floral crowns of white and gold comets erupt with ground-shaking booms. The floral bursts are huge in the sky, and are led off by 5 red, 5 green, 5 blue and 5 lemon comets, finishing with a crackling snow-flake medallion of 5 white floral bursts with red tails.  A great finale piece.

Price: $40.00

Wild Thing


NO STOCK Redesigned beautifully by the original makers. 25 floral bursts in 5 stages: 1) 2 red floral bursts overlap 3 crackling red blooms and dissolve into a sea of crackling gold and white strobes. 2-4) Stage 1 repeats in green, mauve, and yellow. 5) 5 explosive over-lapping purple floral bursts preceed an orb-like cloud of a thousand gold pulsating lights. Ground-shaking bangs. 100'.

Price: $40.00



 Salute to an Egyptian pharaoh. Exploding clouds of gold with rich colou roll out in a sky parade of 25 evolving events. Keep you guessing with changing rhythms and finishes with a web of golden silver comets that fill the sky. We were entranced from start to finish. 30 secs.

Price: $35.00
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