The fireworks were fantastic!!!

My sister and new husband had no idea that they were coming. I don't know how many people came up to me after and said how great they were... It will be something my sister and husband will never forget. Thanks so much!!  Jen



The fireworks display was the highlight of the evening for 13 adults and 12 kids-a chorus of "we hope you make this an annual event" could be heard throughout.  

Thank you....     Dave.



I wanted to let you know that we had so many great responses on the fireworks we had on the weekend.  People could not believe that we had purchased them in Puslinch.  Just wanted to let you know how good they were.

Thanks, Kathleen



I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how awesome of a display your business was able to provide and that it was PERFECT!


My friends, family and I thoroughly enjoyed your products.


This is the 2nd year in a row that I have personally purchased from you and both times I have been beyond satisfied with my purchase!

My boyfriend and I stopped by your stand that is on the 7 between Kitchener and Guelph as I normally do. This year however we were greeted by a very knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming staff member of yours that spent a good 20min helping us put an order together. She was great at explaining what the products were, and what to expect. She did a great job of ensuring we would not be disappointed.

and I am most pleased that I took her advise and got BIG BERTHA as a show stopper... it was definitely that! our entire block was able to appreciate that one!!!!


SOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!! I love fire works!!!!! and can't say enough good about Holy Smoke Fireworks


Holy Smoke Customer




A Guelph Community Show:

YOU GUYS ARE THE BOMB!....Let me tell you, there were people hooting and hollering, singing Oh Canada! Some were even taping the show...it was that good!


From DC Property Maintenance:

  The fireworks were amazing. Thank you so much. Every one of the seventy three audience members was impressed.
The favorite three were the Hot Tamales right at the beginning, we set off both at the same time.
Second was the Gatling Gun in the middle of the show. They were impressed by the colors.
Their favorite one was of course the Wicked Willows at the end.

    We felt it was priced perfect for our show. The fireworks felt real like a show that you would go see at the local ballpark, as a kid and that provided so many unforgettable moments.

much appreciated,
DC Property Maintenance
Curtis Mallais

From Sudbury:

I would like to thank you for your help in making our new years eve party a success. The fireworks were unbelievable. People thought they were great. There were no misfires and the whole show lasted around 20 minutes. You may get a few calls and some orders for fireworks throughout the year. Thanks again.
Glenn Graham
Chief Pilot
Gateway Helicopters Ltd.

From Kevin:

 Thanks for following up.  The Fireworks were awesome and the preplanned firing sequence was an added bonus.  This was by far the best show I’ve put on in the 3 years I’ve been doing this.  A couple people at work that attended the show still haven’t stopped talking about it.  I think I will need a few more lawn chairs for next years show.
Thanks and see you again next year,

From the Wildan Community:

The Wildan community celebrates Canada Day with fireworks from Holy Smokes!
We have been relying on their expertise for years. The great selection,
detailed descriptions and ease of ordering on-line are all factors we
consider when choosing where we purchase our fireworks. We've always put on
a spectacular show and will continue to do so with the valued guidance of
the people at Holy Smokes!

From the Carpenter Survey

This letter is from the families in the Carpenter survey on the Hamilton
> West Mountain.
> We are about to celebrate our 6th annual Canada fireworks party which
> draws crowds of over 300 neighbors and friends.
> For the past 6 years Holy Smoke Fireworks has been our only supplier for
> quality fireworks and great choices, The only thing louder than the
> fireworks are the screams of delight from the kids and adults as the
> fireworks are lit.
> Many thanks to Brian and Camilla for always being there for us and for
> putting together such great shows
> The Friends and neighbors of the Carpenter Survey.
> Thanks for all your help over the years Jeff Chovance

From Nith River Campground Social Club:

I just wanted to Thank you for supplying our fireworks this year. We run a
very small Social Club at a Campground in New Hamburg called Nith River
Campgrounds. I found your company @ your roadside tent advertising
www.54321.ca .

My first contact with your company was handled extremely well, Camilla you
know your stuff, We purchased the "Camilla's Kit" for an amazing price of
$300.00, you suggested firing order was fantastic and let me say that is the
first time I have ever had that kind of extended service from any fireworks
supplier. You not only sell them, but you KNOW them and care about Customer

I want to share some of the comments from the campers <Seasonal & Weekend
Campers alike>

"We have been to many campgrounds and that was the BEST campground fireworks
we ever seen"
"Randy.... Where did you get them Fireworks!.... They were Amazing!"
"Those fireworks were AWESOME"
"You ONLY paid HOW MUCH!"
" You should have charged for that show!"

It goes on and on..... Again Thank you for the amazing deal and I will be
sure to return next year for our Canada Day fireworks...... That you can be
sure of.
We definitely got "More Bang for our Buck" this year.

Randy & Cathy Kalte
Nith River Campgrounds Social Club
New Hamburg


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